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C-10 Quick Release Clamp - Compatibility

The C-10 has been discontinued and replaced by our C-12 Clamp
These pages are here for reference only, as the C-10 is no longer available for purchase.

C-10 Quick-Release Clamp - Length: 2.5"     What's Included
(Replaced by C-12)

One set screw and its appropriate wrench are included with the C-10. This makes it easy to keep the clamp from twisting without using adhesives or purchasing extra hardware.

The C-10 clamp comes with a 3/8" to 1/4" brass reducer bushing that you can use if your application requires a 1/4" threaded hole instead of a 3/8" hole.

Download Product Instructions -

Ball Head Compatibility (Click on a ball head below for detailed instructions on how to install the C-10)

Arca-Swiss B1 Kaiser 6011
Arca-Swiss Z1 Kaiser 6017
Cambo CBH-5 Kaiser (Large)
Cullmann 40200 Linhof Profi II
FLM Centerball 58 FT Linhof Profi III
Giottos M-H 1000 Manfrotto 488
Giottos M-H 1001 Manfrotto 490
Giottos M-H 1002 Manfrotto 3262
Giottos M-H 1003 Manfrotto 210B/JC03
Giottos M-H 1004 Manfrotto 468MG
Giottos M-H 1300 Manfrotto 468MGRC0
Giottos M-H 1301 Manfrotto 468MGRC2
Giottos M-H 2000 Manfrotto 468MGRC3
Giottos M-H 3000 Manfrotto 468MGRC4
Giottos M-H 3300 Manfrotto 468MGRC5
Gitzo 1277M Manfrotto 488RC0
Gitzo 1278M Manfrotto 488RC4
Gitzo 1377M Manfrotto 490RC4
Gitzo 1378M Manfrotto Proball 308
Gitzo 1780 Manfrotto Proball 468
Gitzo 2780 Novoflex Ball 30
Gitzo 3780  

Lens Plate Compatibility

Our quick-release clamps use the "Arca-Swiss style" geometry and are therefore compatible with all Arca-Swiss style lens plates.


Safety Stop Compatibility

Our clamps have special grooves that allow for greater fore-aft adjustment when using lens plates that have safety stops.

View Safety Stop Video




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