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Gitzo (1378M)  

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Wimberley Clamp to Install:


The C-10 GZ clamp (2.5" in length) with hardware is used for retrofitting specific models of Gitzo and Linhof ball heads.


  Hardware/Tools Included
-Set Screw - 3/8 X .75
-Hex Key - 3/16
-Set Screw - 1/4 X .375
-Hex Key - 1/8
C-10 GZ ($79.00)




Retrofit Instructions:   

Hardware/Tools not included (customer must provide):
-Straight-Blade Screwdriver (small)
Loosen the set screw with a straight-blade screwdriver. Unscrew the mounting platform by hand. After removing the clamp, the mounting stud will remain in the ball head stem. Unscrew and remove the stud from the stem.
Screw the 3/8 -16 threaded stud into the stem of the ball head until it sticks out about a half inch from the top of the stem. Screw the quick-release clamp onto the threaded stud (do not tighten fully). Use the enclosed 3/16" hex key to adjust the position of the threaded stud (the hex key will not tighten the stud but is simply used to adjust the positon so that it is fully engaging the threads of the quick release clamp).

Once you have adjusted the stud's position, firmly tighten the clamp onto the stem of the ball head by hand.

Tighten the 1/4" set screw firmly using the enclosed 1/8" hex key

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