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Wimberley Head
Sidemount Wimberley Head

Gimbal Head Pouch
Sidekick Pouch

BH-300 Arca-Swiss Z1 Ballhead with Wimberley Clamp

WH-200 Platform


Plamp II
Ground Plamp
Plamp Stake
Plamp Extension Rod

Plamp II Extension
Plamp II Clip Only
Extension for older, original Plamp
Ground Spike
Plamp Stake Extension Tube


  F-1, F-2, F-3, F-4, F-6, F-9

Individual Modules
M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4, M-5, M-6, M-7
M-8, M-9

Learn about our flash brackets.

P-10, P-20, P-30, P-40, P-50

Which plate do I need?



  AP-452, AP-554, AP-555, AP-602,

Learn about our replacement feet.

C-12, C-30

Learn about our clamps.

  AP-7, AP-11, AK-100, AP-900, AP-901,
, AP-903, CK-100, CK-200, CK-550,
FA-9, FA-11, M-8, RB-100
  BS-100, SW-100, SS-100,
SW-AP452, SW-AP553, SW-AP554,
SW-AP555, SW-AP602, SW-AP652,

Alphabetical Listing by Product Number

AK-100 Sidekick Adapter
AP-7 Cold Shoe
AP-11 Dovetail Adapter
AP-452 Replacement Foot
AP-554 Replacement Foot
AP-555 Replacement Foot
AP-602 Replacement Foot
AP-652 Replacement Foot
AP-900 Spacer Plate
AP-901 Spacer Plate
AP-902 Spacer Plate
AP-903 Spacer Plate

BH-300 Arca-Swiss Monoball Z1 with Wimberley Quick Release Clamp
BS-100 Brass Reducer Bushing

C-12 Quick-Release Clamp
C-30 Quick-Release Clamp

CK-100 Sidemount Conversion Kit
CK-200 Full Gimbal Conversion Kit
CK-550 Soft-touch Knob Conversion Kit

F-1 Telephoto Bracket
F-2 Macro Bracket
F-3 Telephoto/Macro Kit
F-4 Old Style Wimberley Head Bracket
F-6 Sidekick Bracket
F-9 Wimberley Head Version II Bracket
FA-9 Flash Bracket Adapter
FA-11 Adapter for Nikon SC-29 Cord

M-1 Quick-Release Arm
M-2 Upright
M-3 Tilt Arm
M-4 Macro Arm
M-5 Old Style Wimberley Head Module
M-6 Extension Post
M-7 Flash Flipper
M-8 Perpendicular Plate
M-9 Wimberley Head Version II Module

P-5 Camera Body Plate
P-10 Lens Plate
P-20 Lens Plate
P-30 Lens Plate
P-40 Lens Plate
P-50 Lens Plate

PO-100 Wimberley Gimbal Pouch
PO-120 Sidekick Pouch

PP-110 Extension for older, original Plamp
PP-200 Plamp II
PP-210 Plamp Extension Rod
PP-211 Plamp II Thumscrew Clip
PP-222 Plamp II 12" Extension
PP-300 Plamp Stake
PP-310 Plamp Ground Spike
PP-320 Plamp Extension Tube
PP-400 Ground Plamp

RB-100 Riser Block
Quick Flip Bracket

SK-100 (Sidekick)

SS-100 Spotting Scope Screw
SW-AP452 M3 x 12mm Mounting Screws
SW-AP553 M3 x 12mm Mounting Screws
SW-AP554 M3 x 12mm Mounting Screws
SW-AP555 M3 x 12mm Mounting Screws
SW-AP602 M4 x 14mm Mounting Screws
SW-AP652 M4 x 14mm Mounting Screws
SW-100 Extra Lens Plate Screw
SW-STOP Safety Stop Screw

WH-200 (Wimberley Head)
WH-200-S (Sidemount Wimberley Head)

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