Collage of Wimberley Plamp II PP-200 and Plamp Accessories

The Plamp II

PP-200 ($49.00)

Weight: 7.9 oz (224g)
Length: 23 inches (58.5 cm)
Maximum Holding Capacity: ~8oz (227g) - See below
Maximum Clip Jaw Opening: 1 inch (2.54cm)

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One end of the Plamp clamps to your tripod while the other grasps the object. Use the Plamp to stabilize windblown subjects, adjust the position or angle of your subject, or move obstructing foliage. You can also use the Plamp to hold reflectors and lens shades. One day in the field with a Plamp and you will begin to realize its full potential. And now, the newly redesigned Plamp II is even better.

Opening shot of Wimberley Plamp II PP-200 video used as button for the actual video

Collage of Wimberley Plamp family of products in use including Plamp II and Plamp Stake and Ground Plamp

Wimberley Plamp II Thumb Screw Clip PP-211 features and proper reflector and diffuser use

Uses for the Plamp II

1) Steady wind-blown plants for ambient light photography.

2) To hold reflectors, diffusers or small flashlights.

3) Make small adjustments in your subject to align it with the film plane.

4) Move your subject into the desired angle for lighting (i.e. back lighting, side lighting, and front lighting)

5) Change the orientation of your subject to make an impossible camera angle into an easy one.

6) Move your subject so that it is in front of the desired background.

7) Move distracting background or foreground elements out of the way.

8) Move desirable background or foreground elements into the picture.

9) To hold a small shade to block light from hitting your lens and causing flare.

Wimberley Plamp II PP-200 in use with reflectors and diffusers and other objects including flowers

Tripod Compatibility:

The Plamp II will attach to tripod legs whose diameter is between 0.9 and 1.4 inches (23 to 35mm). This includes Gitzo series 1,2,& 3 tripods and nearly all commonly used Bogen (Manfrotto) tripods.

Lens Compatibility:

The Plamp II is 23" long, which is perfect for 100mm and smaller macro lenses. If you wish to use longer lenses with the Plamp, you may wish to extend its length with the PP-222 Large Link Plamp Extension. You may also attach your Plamp to something independently positionable such as a Plamp Stake.

Minimum and maximum tripod leg diameter for use with the Wimberley Plamp II PP-200


How much weight will the Plamp II hold?
How wide will the Plamp II clip open?

An important note for 180mm and 200mm lens users:

If you need more reach (e.g. if you are using a 180mm or 200mm macro lens), you have three options. The first option is to attach the Plamp II to an object other than your own tripod, like the Plamp Stake. The second option is to extend one of the legs of your tripod toward your subject and then attach the Plamp further down the leg of your tripod and thus closer to your subject. The third option is to extend the length of your Plamp by adding extra links to its arm with one of the Plamp Extensions. The trade-off to adding extra length to your Plamp is that it becomes less rigid.

Using one hyper-extended leg of a tripod for extended reach with the Wimberley Plamp II PP-200


Using Reflectors and Diffusers

The Ground Plamp will hold 12" reflectors and diffusers in any position without problems.

20" reflectors, which are generally held in a relatively vertical position and not fully cantilevered out, can be held and positioned confidently with a single Ground Plamp.

20" Diffusers can be cantilevered above your subject using one Plamp, however it is pushing the limits of the Plamp's holding capacity. It might take some experimentation to find a position that will hold. Aggressively bending the joints of the Plamp back and forth until they start making a louder squeaking noise will temporarily increase the holding power of the Plamp.

For diffusers larger than 20" in diameter we suggest using Two Plamps.

(Two Ground Plamps or a Ground Plamp and a Plamp II clamped to the Ground Plamp)

Using a Wimberley Ground Plamp PP-400 together with a Wimberley Plamp II PP-200 to support a large reflector or diffuser
Wimberley Ground Spike PP-310 inserted into an earthen cross-section  

Testimonials for the Plamp

“The Wimberley Plamp is a very useful tool that always travels with me in the field. I use the Plamp to hold a subject like a flower while I photograph it, steady a subject in the wind, and even hold a card to shade my lens to eliminate flare. It works like a third hand.”

-George Lepp

"One of the biggest problems in photographing close-ups of flowers in available light is that the slightest breeze produces movement in the subject. This makes precise framing and focusing on the flower very difficult. The Plamp solves this problem beautifully. One end of the Plamp attaches to your tripod and the other end clamps to the stem of the plant just below your picture area. This holds the flower motionless while you compose, focus, and shoot. Additional benefits include the ability to tilt the flower slightly if desired for better composition and to control the exact background behind the flower. The Plamp is lightweight and can be coiled up when not in use for compact storage. The articulation arm is long enough to use even with telephoto lenses. I consider the Plamp to be a necessary piece of equipment for serious wildflower photographers and recommend it highly. I am adding it to the equipment list on all the workshops I conduct where wildflower photography is anticipated."

-Joseph K. Lang

"For years I dreamt of a mechanism that would help to stabilize objects and work to position subjects away from distracting backgrounds. The plamp is a macrophotographer's dream come true. Working with the plamp is like having an assistant in the field without the expensive day rate, and is much more portable."

-Nancy Rotenberg


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