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Arca-Swiss Z1  

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Wimberley Clamp to Install:

The C-10 AS clamp (2.5" in length) with hardware is used for retrofitting specific models of Arca Swiss, Cullman, Giottos, and Manfrotto ball heads.


  Hardware/Tools Included
-Flat Head Screw - M6 X 30mm
-Hex Key - 4 mm (or 5/32)

C-10 AS ($79.00)


Retrofit Instructions:   

Hardware/Tools not included (customer must provide):
- 7/16 Socket or 11mm Socket + Socket handle
-Adjustable Wrench
The Z1 comes in three different variations, all of which can be retrofitted with a Wimberley Clamp. Removal instructions are the same for all three versions. The central fastener has an 11mm hex head that is recessed. Try removing it with an 11mm socket wrench (7/16 socket will also work). Unfortunately, many sockets are too big in diameter to fit in the recessed area around the screw, thus they do not properly engage the head of the screw. We sell a socket that will work (pictured above). The socket that we sell has a 1/4" hex drive. Use an adjustable wrench or similar tool to grasp the 1/4" shaft of the socket and loosen the head's mounting screw. Removal complete
Seat the Wimberley Clamp on top of the ball head stem making sure to align the groove on the clamp with the raised boss on the ball head stem. Insert the enclosed 6mm fastener. Tighten the fastener with the enclosed 4mm hex key. Installation complete

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