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Factory Seconds and Blemished Items

Factory Seconds and Blemished Products

Blemished items denote units that are brand new and 100% functional, yet have minor cosmetic finish issues. These are aesthetic defects and do not have a negative effect on the functionality of the items. They still carry a full 5 year warranty and 60 day money back guarantee. Because it is below the level of our usual aesthetic standards we are selling items at a reduced price.
No part is without detectable flaws or irregularities, and trying to meet an unrealistic standard for physical appearance would increase the cost of the parts. Sometimes there are blemishes on a part before it gets anodized that are not an actual flaw in the manufacturing process, but something that was in the piece of metal before it was machined. We would like to remove every trace of cosmetic marks but sometimes this is not practical.  The character of the anodizing can make the machine marks a little more obvious.
Please contact us to see if we have blemished units in the items you are looking for.

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