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Linhof (Profi III)  

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Wimberley Clamp to Install:


The C-10 GZ clamp (2.5" in length) with hardware is used for retrofitting specific models of Gitzo and Linhof ball heads.


  Hardware/Tools Included
-Set Screw - 3/8 X .75
-Hex Key - 3/16
-Set Screw - 1/4 X .375
-Hex Key - 1/8
C-10 GZ ($79.00)




Retrofit Instructions:   

Unscrew the mounting platform by hand. Removal complete    
Screw the 3/8 -16 threaded stud into the stem of the ball head until it seats all the way. Screw the quick-release clamp onto the threaded stud as tightly as possible. Tighten the 1/4" set screw firmly using the enclosed 1/8" hex key.

Installation complete


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