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Safety Stop Screw for SK-100 Sidekick

Stop Screw
($3.00 ea)

This screw allows you to use one of the 1/4"-20 threaded holes in the sidekick as a safety stop. This is included in all new Sidekicks starting with those manufactured in the Spring of 2017. It is also available as a retrofit item for those who wish to equip their sidekick with a safety stop. Please check the compatibility chart below to see what ball heads work natively. This screw is not necessary if you are using an AK-100 Sidekick Safety Plate Adapter, which has its own safety stop screws installed.

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Includes: Sidekick Stop Screw and 1/8" Hex Key

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Wimberley SW-AP-414 Lens Replacement Screw

SW-SK100 Sidekick Stop Screw - Features


Test Your Setup
Compatibility Warning
Installation of Sidekick Safety Stop Screw Quick Release Clamp must be 1.75 inches or less for the Sidekick Stop Screw to work   Sidekick Stop Screw

The Sidekick stop screw is compatible with all Wimberley Ballhead Clamps and other third party clamps with safety stop channels. It is also compatible with shorter clamps which can be straddled by the sidekick.

Please see the ballhead clamp compatibility chart below. Note that this is not an exhaustive list as many clamps have not been tested. If you do not see your ballhead on the list, please use the illustrations above to determine if the screw will function properly in your application.

Ball Head Compatibility Chart
Compatible Ballhead Clamps    
-Wimberley C-10 -RRS Screw-type FULL-SIZE clamp -Kirk Screw-type clamps
-Wimberley C-11    
-Wimberley C-12    
Incompatible Ballhead Clamps    
-RRS Lever Style Clamps -Arca-Swiss Doubledecker Clamp  
-RRS Screw-type PANNING clamp    

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