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C-10 Quick Release Clamp

The C-10 has been discontinued for individual sale and replaced by our C-12 Clamp
which is the same clamp with better options for mounting to ballheads. This page is for reference only, as the C-10 is no longer available for purchase. If you need this clamp for a special application, Please contact us and we may be able to provide blemished or used stock

C-10 Quick-Release Clamp - Length: 2.5"     What's Included
(Replaced by C-12 which is essentially the same, but has greater ballhead mounting options)

One set screw and its appropriate wrench are included with the C-10. This makes it easy to keep the clamp from twisting without using adhesives or purchasing extra hardware.

The C-10 clamp comes with a 3/8" to 1/4" brass reducer bushing that you can use if your application requires a 1/4" threaded hole instead of a 3/8" hole.

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Tongue-in-pocket Design
Our clamps have a unique tongue-in-pocket design that protects internal parts from dust and grit. The tongues are nearly twice as long as those on conventional Arca-Swiss style clamps. This added length counteracts the tendency of the moving jaw of the clamp to hinge backward during clamping, thus keeping the jaws aligned with the geometry of the plate. This eliminates unwanted bending stress on the threaded stud.

Captive Knob
A captive knob is designed in such a way that the user cannot accidentally remove the knob during use. There is a stop screw located on the end of the stud to keep the knob from unscrewing from the threaded stud.

Safety Channels
Two shallow channels extend from the sides of the clamp and stop just short of the central tapped hole. These channels allow greater fore-aft adjustment when using the safety stops on Wimberley quick-release plates.

Collage of Wimberley Quick Release Clamp safety channels feature in action

Wimberley Quick Release Clamp tongue-in-pocket design, captive knob and safety channels

Wimberley Quick Release Clamp captive knob

Wimberley Quick Release Clamp safety channels

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