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Wimberley Head® - Testimonials   
Wimberley WH-200 Gimbal Head Version II on tripod
"The Wimberley Head provides unparalleled freedom of movement when working with large telephoto lenses..."                                                -Art Wolfe
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WH-200 Wimberley Head Version II ($595.00)   

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Weight: 3.15 lbs (1430 grams)
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 9.3" x 3.5" x 9.9"
Weight Capacity: >100lbs (45kg) (Compatible with the largest lenses in the industry)

Note: The WH-200 has a built-in Arca-Swiss style quick-release clamp. In order to use the head, your lens must be equipped with an Arca-Swiss style lens plate.

--Protected by one or more of the following Patents: #7478970 & #7600941--


Testimonials for the Wimberley Head

"I can't imagine ever using a ball head again. Being able to aim the lens and have it hold still is awesome! Instead of trying to hold the camera while compensating for the inevitable sag and trying to tighten the ball while not moving the camera; you just point the lens and snug the knob on the Wimberley. This is an order of magnitude improvement over a ball. And I have had the Wimberley for five minutes! For anyone who wonders if this is worth the expense, wonders if it is really better than a ball, it is. Buy one now. "

-Michael Guerra, M.D.

"The Wimberley Head Version II is a work of ENGINEERING ART, totally fluid in motion, and, with no play in the base whatsoever, panning is a breeze. The lighter weight and smaller profile is a welcomed addtion, especially, when going a field. And, the new lock design is flawless in function. A BIG HOME RUN guys. You continue to set the standard in Gimbal Heads."

-Charles Glatzer

"I received my brand new Wimberley V2 head yesterday by Fed-X just in time to bring it to Africa... all that I can say is that it is sweet, sweet, sweet (not to mention one full pound lighter than the last model). I love the new position of the horiizontal panning knob and I love the new knurled, rubber-coated knobs that are much easier to work in the cold. I put a big lens on it and everything worked as expected: perfectly."

"The Wimberley Head is my everyday tripod head. And if you own a 600mm f/4 lens, it should be your tripod head too; the Wimberley renders 13+ pound lenses practically weightless. I can photograph birds in flight effortlessly with this unique head. Heck, with the Wimberley, I can do it with one hand! And photographer fatigue, which hits hard at neck and back muscles when working with super-telephoto lenses, is eliminated completely. My Wimberley Head is a joy."

-Arthur Morris

"The Wimberley Head performs beautifully under the weight of the largest telephoto lenses and in the most extreme conditions. It has allowed me to track moving subjects in low light and capture images that I couldn't have without it. The Wimberley Head allows me to push the limits of my photography, which for me is the ultimate goal."

-Nick Nichols

"Finally we have found the perfect tool that allows to shoot freely, without any restriction of movement, especially when using our long lenses. We looked and tested all the competition and the Wimberly Head Version II was by far, the best designed and constructed. We use it all the time for our wildlife projects. It even performs well when shooting from a moving zodiac."

-Sisse Brimberg & Cotton Coulson

"I know I've tried a dozen different tripod heads over the years, but none can compare to the Wimberley. I've used a Wimberley Head to photograph everything from wolves chasing elk in Yellowstone, to Red-and-Green Macaws in flight over the Amazon, to Sandhill Cranes here in my home state of Nebraska. This one piece of equipment had raised the level of my photography."

-Joel Sartore

"I thought the old Wimberley Head was good. Then I got the new version, which is even better! Great design, easy to use (both knobs on the same side really help), quality fit and finish. You've outdone yourselves on this one."

"No question about it, if you use long lenses for action work you need a Wimberley. This head makes long lens use much easier -- consequently your percentage of "keeper" shots will go up."

-John Shaw

"The old Wimberley Head was an absolutly terrific tool, but I must confess that the new head is even better. So, is the new Wimberley Head worth the upgrade? You bet it is! The size, weight and one-sided controls are all great features."

"I didn't think I needed a Wimberley tripod head, until I tried one. Now, I can't imagine why I didn't get a Wimberley Head long before. The performance with my 600mm is incredible. When I demonstrate the head to my photo groups, the general comment is 'I can't believe how the lens seems weightless' or words to that effect. And that's the point -- the gimbal-style mount allows a big lens to move effortlessly, seemingly making it weightless on the tripod, and truly providing full movement - horizontal pans, up or down, at the touch of a fingertip. The Wimberley Head is superb, not only for my action photography, but for all my longer telephoto work."

I've been using the Wimberley Heads for years, and loved the improvements on the Version II. I haven't seen a better head for balance, ease of use, and ergonomics, especially for long lens work. If you use a long lens, this is the head for complete freedom of movement for following action and for static subjects.

-Joe McDonald

"Yesterday I received the new Wimberley Head and I am very pleased with it! What i like most about it is the reduced weight compared to your older model."

-Theo Allofs

"It's great...used it this AM at 0 degress Fahrenheit and it worked perfectly! Nicely done!"

-Moose Peterson

"The new unit is...a beautifully machined and smooth operating gimbal style head that weighs a pound less than the old head and is slightly more compact while actually improving overall operation. Overall, this is a highly recommened update to the worlds premier long lens support platform."

-E.J. Peiker

"I was impressed right away-I like the new finish. The new design of the knobs is a nice improvement and they are alot easier to turn, especially when wearing gloves. I like the sensitivity of the tilt and pan knobs-I feel that I have a lot more control over the subtle degree of tightness I want. The panning action is fluid, smooth and has no loose play whatsoever. I also really like the all-in-one quick release clamp and platform. It's less bulky and very sleek. The new Wimberley Head Version II has far exceeded my expectations, and is a product that will no doubt help me take better images."

-Alan Murphy

"Having used the full Wimberley Head for a number of years, I was more than anxious to see what they could possibly do to improve on an already great and functional design. Well, I must say that I was amazed. The Version II is a work of art as well as an awesome gimbal head. The panning motion is silky smooth with no wobble in the mechanism even when the locking knob is fully loosened. Overall, this next generation of the Wimberley Head is an amazing advance for wildlife photogarphers that routinely use long lenses. Shooting with any other head would seriously compromise your number of keepers."

-Wil Hershberger

"The Wimberley Tripod Head has become synonymous with the smooth and easy operation of a larger telephoto lens in the field. We highly recommend it to all of our Photo Safari clients on our wildlife shoots. I wouldn't be without it for my 500mm auto focus."

-Joseph Van Os

"During my field test, I was stalking a group of avocets along the edge of Morro Bay. I stayed focused on the birds for more than half an hour. Because the lens was balanced on the Wimberley, I could, with no strain, use the lens to watch the birds and fire off a frame when something significant happened. So the final analysis is that the Wimberley is superb for the long lenses I listed (500 f/4 or 4.5, 400 f/2.8, and 600f/4)."

-George Lepp (from the article "Tripod Heads: A look at the best")

"The engineering and performance of the Wimberley is unparalleled in the world of tripod heads. Now, with the addition of the lightweight and versatile Sidekick, all my demanding camera support situations in the field are solved. The Sidekick amazingly imitates the functionality of the master design while serving several other applications. Both heads move with the agility of a mountain goat and the grace of a hummingbird. I simply could not work as productively without them."

-John Pezzenti, Jr.

"The first time I saw the Wimberley Tripod Head, I knew It's innovative gimbal design would be perfect for action wildlife photography. Eight Years ago I got my hands on one of the original prototypes and it has served me reliably ever since. I enthusiastically recommend the Wimberley Tripod Head for it's performance, durability, and reliability."

-Rod Planck

"In my opinion, there is absolutely no finer tripod head on the market today for long lenses than the Wimberley Head. In today's marketplace, the images that seem to keep increasing in demand are those that depict behavior and action. The beauty of this tripod head is that your camera equipment maintains superb balance by utilizing a lower pan mechanism and upper tilt mechanism, which make it a snap to quickly aim, follow your subject, and shoot. This makes the Wimberley extremely fast and accurate in panning and capturing action type shots with big telephoto lenses. The Wimberley is a dream come true for big lens users."

-Len Rue, Jr.

"The Wimberley Head makes long lenses easier to use so you can concentrate on the picture, not your equipment. If you are investing in long lenses you have to try the Wimberley Head. It has become an essential tool in our long lens photography."

-Tim Davis & Renee Lynn

"With the Wimberley Head action shots are a breeze. And, since the head doesn't need to be locked down, you are on target more rapidly and can avoid movements which may frighten an animal away. The Wimberley Head has lead to thousands of shots in the past few years that would have been missed or simply impossible without it."

-Rob Simpson

"When you first move your lens attached to the Wimberley Head you instantly know you've got something special mounted on your tripod. Panning shots and action wildlife photography is made so much easier with the smooth handling of the Wimberley Head. I never want to use any other tripod head again."

-Christian Biemans

"Just a note of thanks for the Wimberley Head. As a Surf-Shooter, I needed something to track my long lens smoothly. I ordered your head at the beginning of this year, and my percent of in-frame keepers went from 50 percent to 85 to 90 percent. You have made the weight of a long lens a non-issue. Thank you for your assistance in improving my photography. I'm so grateful for this superb design."

-Michael Rogers

"I must tell you that the Wimberley is great! My lens attaches so easily, doesn't budge during operation and the panning and tilting action is wonderful! I find I am so much less stressed trying to track wildlife in the camera viewfinder with this system."

-Jim Brohman

Other Prominent Users Include:

Frans Lanting

Jim Brandenburg

National Geographic

Canon U.S.A.

Canon Australia



Andy Rouse

Sigma Corp.

Wayne Lynch

Jim Clark

Chris Johns

Wendy Shattil & Bob Rozinski

Carl Sams II & Jean Stoick

Lonnie Brock

Connie Toops

Kennan & Karen Ward

Al Tielemans

Ryan Vince Photography

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