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Using the Sidekick with the new Markins Lever Style Clamp



The New Markins Lever-Style clamp is adjustable, so it will work with the Sidekick without needing the AK-100 Adapter Plate*.  Also, the clamp's built-in spring pin fits in the cored hole of the Sidekick's casting and keeps it from accidentally sliding out (see picture).  Of course, if the lever snags on something and comes completely open, the Sidekick can still fall out. 



*Note: The Markins clamp is adjustable, but it is not conveniently adjustable in the field (it requires a screwdriver).  You'll most likely want to adjust the clamp once to best fit the selection of plates on your equipment.  Because The Sidekick is a powdercoated casting and therefore has a less strictly regulated dovetail width, it may be difficult to adjust your  Markins lever-clamp to accommodate both your existing plates, and the Sidekick.  In such a case it may be useful to use the AK-100 Adapter Plate to better match the dovetail size of the rest of your plates (The AK-100 has a dovetail width consistent with Wimberley and Really Right Stuff Plates).





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