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The "Arca-Swiss Style" Quick-Release Geometry

The "Arca-Swiss Style" Quick-Release Geometry refers to the open-cavity dovetail quick-release system developed decades ago by Arca-Swiss for use with their Monoball ball heads and large format cameras. After the extreme popularity of the Arca-Swiss B-1 ball head in the 1990s, other companies began manufacturing custom camera-body and lens plates using this geometry. Since then, this geometry has become the industry standard for high-end tripod heads (particularly in the nature photography industry). The figure below shows the basic dimensions of the dovetail used in this system:

The Wimberley Head Version II and the Wimberley Sidekick use this quick-release system, so any lens that you wish to connect to our heads must be equipped with an Arca-Swiss style lens plate. Click here to view our line of such plates.

Manufacturers that use the Arca-Swiss Style Quick-Release Geometry include:

Giottos (only on their most recent line of ball heads & plates)
Novoflex (only on some of their products)
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