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Arca-Swiss Style Lens Plates

We offer an innovative line of Arca-Swiss style quick-release plates for collared lenses that attach to the foot of your lens. (If ordering just an extra screw or reducer bushing, see our Postal Service shipping policy.)






Wimberley SW-100 Lens Plate Screw
Extra Screw
Wimberley BS-100 Brass Reducer Bushing
3/8" to 1/4" Brass Reducer Bushing

* The P-40 and P-50 lens plates come with one complimentary brass bushing. If your lens foot has more than one 3/8" mounting hole, you may wish to purchase an additional bushing in order to mount the lens plate or in case of loss or damage.  Number of screws shown in images come preinstalled.  For full list of package contents, visit the Specs Tab below.

Dual Safety Stops

Safety stops at the front and back of our plates keep your expensive lens from accidentally slipping out of the quick-release clamp. If you wish to use only one or neither of these stops, simply remove them with the hex key provided.

Note to Arca-Swiss Z1 users: The safety-stop security feature of our plates does not work when used with the Arca-Swiss “double-decker” clamp. (See Figure 3)
View video for more about our Safety Stops

Underside of Wimberley Lens Plate showing both the Safety Stop Screws

Flash Bracket Versatility

Our plates are designed to accept RRS & Kirk flash brackets as well as our own quick-release flash brackets.

Wimberley Lens Plate compatibility with RRS and Kirk Flash Brackets

Double-Dovetail Cross-Section

Our unique double-dovetail design allows you to attach Wimberley quick-release flash brackets to the upper or lower surface of the plate.

Wimberley flash brackets attach to the top of the plate...
Flash Bracket attached to top-side of Wimberley Lens Plate
...or the bottom.

Flash Bracket attached to bottom-side of Wimberley Lens Plate

Double-dovetail design of Wimberley Lens Plate

Anti-Twist Nubs

The P-10, P-20, and P-30 plates have anti-twist nubs at the back of the plate. These help to keep the plate from twisting if it is mounted with only one fastener. The unique dual-nub design (as opposed to a single continuous flange) provides better performance when butted against a curved surface. The P-40 and P-50 plates do not have anti-twist nubs because the lenses they are normally mounted to usually have more than one mounting hole.


Wimberley Lens Plate anti-twist nubs

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