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Flash Brackets

Testimonials for Wimberley Flash Brackets

"The Wimberley Macro Flash Bracket - Single-arm Set-up will now be my go to bracket for all of my macro flash photo needs. It is quite simply the best bracket to use for my macro photography needs." Click here to read the entire review.

-Andrew McLachlan

“These flash brackets are the best system I've encountered for doing macro flash afield and for doing tele-flash work. That's quite a statement.”

-Joe McDonald

“...I don’t know of a better bracket system or a more versatile set of brackets to solve any photographic problem.”

-George Lepp

“IMO, the Wimberley modular flash bracket system is the way to go. It is by far the most versatile system available, working with any lens/camera with Arca-Swiss style plate, as well as the Wimberley head and Sidekick, and it is compact for travel. This is truly a better mousetrap.”

-Charles Glatzer

"I have used many macro brackets in my time, starting with one I made myself from aircraft aluminum over 20 years ago. Yours is easily the best on the market. Most 'new' accessories are just permutations of things already done--your bracket is a true innovation and a significant step forward."

-Michael Lustbader

“The Wimberley Head Flash Bracket is so cool, easy on and off, small and light, compact when not in use, it’s the only flash arm on the market like it. It makes setting up telephoto flash no longer a hand to hand combat proposition!”

-Moose Peterson

"The Wimberley Head Flash Bracket can be mounted or removed in a matter of seconds; no more fiddling with tiny screws! And its unique design allows for the flash to be mounted higher above the lens than with any of the similar flash brackets now available. Though I hate flash, the bracket for the Wimberley Head makes it almost enjoyable."

-Arthur Morris

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