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FAQs - What ball head do you recommend?

Kirk BH-1 Ball Head

The Kirk BH-1 is a slightly less expensive, slightly heavier (2.0 lbs), slightly less capable of holding weight, and slightly less smooth version of the of the Arca B-1. It is still a very nice ball head and well worth the money. Kirk claims that their BH-1 head does not have any of the problems found with the Arca B-1. It seems to be a good solid ball head. Whereas we believe that the Arca-Swiss B-1 can adequately support a 600mm f/4, perhaps the largest lens you should use on a BH-1 would be a 500mm f/4. The Kirk BH-1 comes with a Kirk Arca-Swiss style QR Clamp. This quick-release clamp does not have many of the features of the Wimberley C-10, however.

The Kirk BH-1 that we have locks down admirably. We have had reports from customers, however, that some of these heads do not lockdown adequately. In addition, it is apparently not uncommon for the Loctite that holds the quick-release clamp to the stem of the ball to fail. We were able to loosen the quick-release clamp on our BH-1 by tightening the ball and turning the quick release clamp with a fair amount of force, but with no mechanical assistance.





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