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Dealer Service Levels

As Ordered Dealer - Dealer orders Wimberley products when the customer places an order with the dealer. Dealer may drop ship orders to the customer through Wimberley as needed (USA only).

Full Service Dealer - Dealer stocks at least one of each Wimberley product for immediate purchase. Dealer places orders in anticipation of low stock. Dealer has a store with regular business hours and provides a floor display and/or equipment to demonstrate Wimberley equipment.

Limited Stock Dealer - Dealer carries a limited supply of popular Wimberley products on shelves and/or in their warehouse. Dealer may have to order less popular items upon customer request. Dealer may or may not have a Wimberley display in the store at this time (call dealer for details).

Online Only Dealer - Dealer has an online store and stocks popular items as needed. Dealer does not have a brick-and-mortar retail store where customers can come and see the products prior to purchase. Dealer provides customer support by email and/or telephone.

No Information Dealer - Dealer has not provided timely information on their current service level. Contact reseller for details on current stock status.

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