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C-12 Installation Instructions: Arca-Swiss Z1  

We suggest retro-fitting your Z1 with one of our quick-release clamps, the C-12. If you buy the Z1 from us, it will already come with a brand-specific C-10AS clamp mounted on it. The C-10AS is specifically designed to fit Arca-Swiss ball heads. The newer C-12 clamp has additional hardware and mounting holes that allow you to attach it to other ball heads. These are unnecessary if you are only using the Z1.


Removing the Existing Clamp:      

The Z1 comes in three different variations, all of which can be retrofitted with a Wimberley Clamp. Removal instructions are the same for all three versions. The central fastener has an 11mm hex head that is recessed. Try removing it with an 11mm socket wrench (7/16 socket will also work). Unfortunately, many sockets are too big in diameter to fit in the recessed area around the screw. You may have to try several to find one that will fit. Removal complete.  

C-12 Installed:   

Seat the clamp on the stem of the ball head. Make sure the raised key on the stem of the head is seated in the recessed slot on the bottom of the Clamp. Fasten the clamp to the ball head using the enclosed M6 fastener. Use the enclosed 5/32 Hex key to tighten the screw very snugly (lock down the ball head and give it some muscle). Tighten the three set screws firmly using the 2.5mm hex key.  

C-12 Installed:   

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