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C-12 Installation Instructions: Gitzo 1277M


Removing the Existing Clamp:   

You will need a 13mm Socket Wrench to remove the mounting platform from the ball head. Unscrew the ball head's central fastener using the13mm Socket Wrench. Remove the mounting platform from the stem. Removal complete.  

Installing the C-12:   

Screw the Brass Bushing into the threaded hole in the stem of the head (use a penny or similar sized coin as an installation tool). Screw the bushing in fully. It should be flush with the top surface of the stem (or slightly recessed). Fasten the clamp to the head with the 1/4-20 fastener. Use the enclosed 5/32 Hex key to tighten the screw very snugly (lock down the ball head and give it some muscle). Tighten the three set screws firmly using the 2.5mm Hex key.  

C-12 Installed:   

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