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Arca-Swiss Z-1 Warning

ATTENTION Arca-Swiss Z-1 Owners:

A number of Arca-Swiss Z-1 Ball Heads (those manufactured between late 2007 and June 15, 2008) have a 2-part stem that can potentially slip or separate, particularly when used with the Wimberley Sidekick. Read more.

Do not use an Arca-Swiss Z-1 ball head with the Sidekick unless you have used the questionnaire below to determine if your head is potentially problematic.


Question 1: Do You Have a Z-1 Head?

If you are not sure whether your head is a Z-1 or not check to see if it matches the picture below. Key indicators include the unique pattern of tick-marks around the base of the head, and the letter "Z" below the head's logo. If your ball head is a Z-1, continue to Question 2, if your head is not a Z-1 you can exit this questionnaire.

Question 2: Was your Z-1 head made before June 15th 2008?

Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way to determine the answer to this question, but if you bought your Z-1 significantly after June 15th,2008, from a major camera equipment vendor such as B&H, you are probably in good shape and can exit this questionnaire. If you bought it close to or before June 15th, 2008, or if you bought it from a store where it might have been on the shelf for a while, you should assume it is one of the potentially problematic heads, and continue to Question 3.

Question 3: Does your Z-1 head have a 2-part stem?

The way to tell the difference between the solid stem and the two-part stem is to look closely at the top of the stem just below the quick-release clamp (or mounting platform). If the stem has a small, single facet (semi-circular groove) that is present on the upper edge of the stem (Figure 1), it is a solid stem; you're safe, you can exit this questionnaire. If the stem does not have the facet, but rather, has a small visible seam close to the top of the stem (about 1/16" (1mm) below the bottom plane of the quick-release clamp, see Figure 2), it is the 2-part stem. This ball head should be sent to an Arca-Swiss repair facility for testing and possible repair (See the section at the bottom of this page for details).

Figure 1
Figure 2


If you are experiencing any twist in the 2-piece mounting stem of your Z1 Monoball, or have questions about or issues with your Z1 ball head, please contact the following representatives:  

In the USA: Precision Camera Works - Repair service for Arca-Swiss  

To schedule an appointment or discuss a camera problem with Bob Watkins, please call or send an email:  

Telephone (847) 470-3350
Fax (847) 470-3351

Outside USA: ARCA-SWISS International

29 Quartier de l'europe
Espace Valentin
FR-25048 Besançon
PH: ++33 381 85 40 60
Fax: ++33 381 85 40 69


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