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The Plamp II

The Plamp

"The Plamp is a macrophotographer's dream come true..."  -Nancy Rotenberg

PP-200 The Plamp II ($43.00)


Plamp II New Features Video

The Plamp

About The Plamp II

One end of the Plamp clamps to your tripod while the other grasps the object. Use the Plamp to stabilize windblown subjects, adjust the position or angle of your subject, or move obstructing foliage. You can also use the Plamp to hold reflectors and lens shades. One day in the field with a Plamp and you will begin to realize its full potential. And now, the newly redesigned Plamp II is even better. Learn more here.

Uses for the Plamp II in the Field

1) Steady wind-blown plants for ambient light photography.

2) To hold reflectors, diffusers or small flashlights.

3) Make small adjustments in your subject to align it with the film plane.

4) Move your subject into the desired angle for lighting (i.e. back lighting, side lighting, and front lighting)

5) Change the orientation of your subject to make an impossible camera angle into an easy one.

6) Move your subject so that it is in front of the desired background.

7) Move distracting background or foreground elements out of the way.

8) Move desirable background or foreground elements into the picture.

9) To hold a small shade to block light from hitting your lens and causing flare.

10) Great for studio use.

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